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Lumon’s Employee Incentive Finger Traps Might Have a Secret Meaning

Apple TV+‘s Severance follows Lumon, a fictional company with “severed employees” who work jobs with mysterious meanings and earn incentives like finger traps and “Waffle Parties.” However minor, these incentives have many Severance fans thinking there’s more meaning to them than meets the eye. Find out what some fans think Lumon’s finger traps symbolize. 

Dylan (Zach Cherry) takes pride in his collection of Lumon-branded finger traps in 'Severance' from Apple TV+

Zach Cherry as Dylan | Apple TV+

What are severed employees?

In the world of Severance, Lumon hires employees who have their minds severed. In other words, their memories get split based on a designated location. When they arrive at work, their memories of life outside of work revert as they ascend to Lumon’s severed floor. 



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