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M. Night Shyamalan Movies Ranked By Their Twists

Serving as a finale to the long-gestating “Unbreakable” trilogy (alternately referred to as the “Eastrail 177 Trilogy”), “Glass” was meant to reunite Bruce Willis’ David Dunn (aka the Overseer) with Samuel L. Jackson’s Elijah Price (aka Mr. Glass). As a film almost 20 years in the making, expectations were understandably pretty high, with Shyamalan and producer Jason Blum both referring to it as the former’s distinct take on a superhero film (via Digital Spy). Needless to say, nobody saw the twist near the end of the third act coming. In fact, some wish it hadn’t come at all.

In the final hour, the Overseer battles against “the Beast” — the superpowered personality of Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy from “Split”) — and nearly dies in the battle as the supervillain exploits his weakness: water. Thankfully, David overcomes, but all is for nothing when a SWAT team arrives, killing both David and Kevin under orders from Dr. Ellie Staple (Sarah Paulson), whose organization hopes to keep the existence of superhumans secret. But, as he always does, Mr. Glass had an alternate plan, leaking footage of the battle, including David and Kevin’s executions, to the public.

Though watching Glass one-up Staple was pretty neat, the death of David Dunn in particular was, well, underwhelming. For everything David had fought for, and for all his heroics, he was murdered in weak fashion. While that admittedly might’ve been the point, it proved to be a silly one, garnering disappointment.



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