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‘M3GAN’: Allison Williams Revealed an Acting Trick She Learned From Jordan Peele’s ‘Get out’

Actor Allison Williams is one of the leading actors in Blumhouse’s horror flick, M3GAN. The film took over the Internet thanks to an initial trailer featuring a killer doll and an amusing dance sequence. However, the comedy and horror of M3GAN largely rest on the shoulders of Williams and her co-stars. She learned one particularly nifty trick from filmmaker Jordan Peele while shooting the Oscar-winning horror movie Get Out.

‘M3GAN’ actor Allison Williams is becoming a horror movie regular

Allison Williams as Gemma | Universal Pictures

M3GAN tells the story of talented robotics engineer Gemma (Williams), who works at a famous toy company. She decides to build a life-like doll that can act as the perfect companion to children, but it begins to take on a life of its own. The film never takes itself too seriously, blending horror and dark comedy into one of early 2023’s most anticipated releases.



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