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‘M3GAN’ Movie Review: The Internet’s New Favorite Killer Doll Embraces Its Hilarious Absurdity

Creepy dolls are long-running fears that horror films have taken advantage of for many years. The Child’s Play franchise, Annabelle, The Boy, and Dead Silence are just a few examples of how storytellers used seemingly innocent toys as a facade for something much more sinister. The twisted team behind 2021’s Malignant, Akela Cooper and James Wan, once again collaborated to bring the world M3GAN along with Housebound director Gerard Johnstone onboard. The final product is dark, comical, and highly amusing.

'M3GAN' 3.5 star rating

‘M3GAN’ is a children’s companion with deadly consequences

'M3GAN' Amie Donald as M3GAN wearing a brown jacket looking blankly ahead
Amie Donald as M3GAN | Geoffrey Short/Universal Pictures

Gemma (Allison Williams) is a robotics engineer working at a top-tier toy company. However, she has her employer (Ronny Chieng) breathing down her neck to find a way to make their highest-selling product cheaper to manufacture. Meanwhile, Gemma funnels all of her resources to creating a life-like doll that remotely pairs with a primary user, acting as a best friend and a protector all in one.



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