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Maddie Ziegler Had to Push Her Perfectionist Aside for ‘The Fallout’

Anyone who watched Maddie Ziegler on Dance Moms knows that she’s a perfectionist. Even as a small child, the dancer was hellbent on doing everything just right. She put an enormous amount of pressure on herself to win every competition and execute every move flawlessly. On the off chance that something went awry, it was evident that Ziegler was very frustrated and disappointed in herself. But as Ziegler has gotten older, she’s tried to fight against her perfectionist tendencies. This is especially true since she started acting in films like The Fallout.

‘The Fallout’ alum Maddie Ziegler | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Maddie Ziegler recently began acting in movies after years of being known as a dancer

Ziegler may have begun her career as a dancer, but in recent years, she’s been building an acting resume. Projects like West Side Story, The Fallout, and the upcoming, Bloody Hell, have allowed the 20-year-old to embrace a new way of telling stories. She’s also learned how to be in the moment with her fellow scene partners and push her perfectionist tendencies aside.



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