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Madelon in El Salvador: Surviving with Bitcoin on the Surf Beach



Madelon in El Salvador Surviving with Bitcoin on the Surf

In ‘Madelon in El Salvador’ Madelon Vos takes you to the very first Bitcoin (BTC) country in the world: El Salvador. Since the acceptance of bitcoin as an official and legal tender, a lot has changed. In a three-part series she is looking for an answer to the question: Is El Salvador an example for the rest of the world? Together with the viewer, she speaks to locals, initiators, visits inspiring places and shares her view on the whole. Madelon takes you on a special journey through rich and poor, city and beach, construction or destruction and along the opportunity or the utopia. You can find the first episode here!

In this second episode, Madelon Vos travels to El Zonte in El Salvador, better known as Bitcoin Beach. This is where it all started, even before bitcoin became an official and legal tender in El Salvador, payments were already made here with bitcoin. The village gained international fame through the acceptance of bitcoin after the donation of an anonymous donor.

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