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Madonna Hits Back: ‘I’ve Been Degraded’ Over New Face Controversy at Grammys 2023

It is no secret that Madonna gets hate on the internet. Her face and provocative aesthetic have made her a headliner more often than not since she was once a beloved pop star. Her introduction of Sam Smith and Kim Petras ahead of their Unholy performance at the 2023 Grammy Awards put her in the spotlight earlier this week. In an ironic twist, her shocking, scandalous, and provocative ‘look’ that night – hair braided into two tight loops and a riding crop – ignited a flood of social media criticism. Several comments on her Instagram account criticized her for ‘changing face’, her outfit, and her career.

One user wrote that you looked completely different on live TV without filters. A user commented that she seems to live in an entirely different world. Her return will probably not be requested next year. Growing old and enjoying your life is far more fulfilling than trying to chase youth. A number of internet comments referred to her as ‘Trunchbull,’ referring to her outfit’s similarity to the character in Matilda and claiming she had botched plastic surgery. Despite not publicly commenting on cosmetic procedures, media publications consulted plastic surgeons to speculate what work Madonna had done. However, Madonna’s patience has finally run out. With a passionate caption on her Instagram post-Tuesday, she hit back at her haters.

Madonna Slams Internet Reactions Over Her ‘New Face’ At The Grammys

As a result of her “unrecognizable” appearance at the 2023 Grammys, Madonna took to social media on Tuesday in order to slam the internet’s reactions. Despite her excitement about presenting Sam Smith and Kim Petras before their record-breaking performance for “Unholy”, people chose to focus on her appearance instead. According to The Material Girl, instead of focusing on my speech, which was about thanking artists like Sam and Kim for their fearlessness, many people only talked about photos of me taken from a close-up angle by a press photographer with a long lens that would distort any person’s face! As the world we live in is permeated with ageism and misogyny, I find myself caught once again in its glare. We live in a world that does not celebrate women after the age of 45 and punishes them when they remain strong-willed, hard-working, and adventurous after 45.

According to Madonna, she has never apologized for the creative choices she’s made, nor for how she looks or dresses – and she won’t begin now either. Throughout the course of my career, I have been criticized by the media, but I understand this is a test, and I am happy to be a trailblazer for the next generation of women, she continued, citing Beyoncé’s BREAK MY SOUL. In an interview with her fans, the controversial singer said she was looking forward to many more years of subversive behaviour-pushing boundaries-standing up to the patriarchy-and most of all enjoying life. Madonna also shared a behind-the-scenes look at her Grammys antics, including rude gestures with Sam Smith, posing with Cardi B, and showing off her lacy bra. The singer even tongue-kissed songwriter Jozzy. At the Grammys, fans could barely recognize her, prompting fans to express their concern for her.



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