Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon is annoyed that she doesn’t like women

Madonna’s daughter Lourdes Leon opened up about her sexuality while dressed in a raunchy modeling thong leotard for a recent interview.

Here is everything you need to know.

Lourdes Leon admits her ‘biggest sin’ is liking men 

Lourdes Leon recently sat down for an interview with The Face magazine where she is also gracing the cover of the publication’s latest issue.

Moreover, she got candid about her sexuality as she bemoaned for being straight while revealing that she does not fancy women.

She said, ‘I would say my biggest sin is liking boys. It’s such a curse. If you can avoid it – men or boys in general – I would, because what a distraction.’

She continued, ‘I don’t like girls. I’m painfully straight, it’s terrible. I wish it wasn’t so, but unfortunately, these are the cards I’ve been dealt.’

Subsequently, she stated, ‘I am cursed, plagued with liking these men.’

Besides that, Lourdes who is also known as Lola did not shy away from her mother Madonna’s footsteps at her latest photoshoot with the media publication.

In addition, she flaunted a racy black thong leotard under a leather jacket while sitting on a motorcycle.

Nevertheless, Leon also slipped into a skimpy red bikini as she posed for a slew of sizzling and eye-catching snaps.

If you didn’t know, the 26-year-old model is the oldest of Madonna’s six kids and the only one she shares with Carlos Leon.

Madonna dated Leon back in 1994 after she enlisted him as her personal trainer. However, by the end of the following year, their relationship turned for the worst which resulted in the pop icon changing the locks of her New York apartment.

But Madonna got pregnant after they both had an ‘on the road’ liaison in 1996. 

Lourdes Leon’s first crush was Bam Margera

Lourdes Leon discussed her ’embarrassing’ first crush during her interview with The Face magazine.

She said, ‘I remember my dad showed me Jackass when I was 11 or 12.’

She revealed, ‘I felt like I was so deeply in love with Bam Margera.’

Additionally, she mentioned, ‘I remember going to my mom and literally crying to her and being like: ​”I am in love with this man and I don’t know what to do about it.”‘

The singer stated, ‘And she was like: ​”Well, listen, he’s married, Lola.” That was her response to me. It wasn’t: ​”First of all, you’re 12.” She really matter-of-factly responded to me that he was married.’



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