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Maksym Galinichev, 22, a Ukrainian boxer, killed and left behind his Daughter & Family

Maksym Galinichev was a 22 years old Ukrainian Boxer and European Youth Champion who died in the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian War.

Galinichev was killed defending Ukraine from Moscow’s forces in the Luhansk region as he lost his life on March 10 while serving with the 25th Separate Airborne Sicheslav Brigade in the village of Chervonopopivka.

Ukrainian Boxer Maksym Galinichev Dies While Fighting in Russian-Ukrainian War

On March 28, 2023, Maksym Galinichev, a 22-year-old Ukrainian boxer, and European youth champion passed away while fighting in the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian war. Galinichev won a gold medal at the 2017 European Youth Boxing Championships and a gold medal at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics.

According to Ukrainian government advisor Anton Gerashchenko, Galinichev was a volunteer in the Ukrainian army and had gone to the battlefield twice, where he was wounded. He had been arrested on Wednesday after giving himself up for his country in 2022.

Athletes from all over the world have expressed their condolences on Twitter, stating that they were saddened by the loss of Maksym Galinichev, but did not mention his weight category championship. The news of his passing has prompted an outpouring of grief from athletes all over the world.

Maksym Galinichev became 230 athletes who have Voluntarily died in the Russia-Ukraine war

Ukrainian government officials have reported that over 230 Ukrainian athletes have voluntarily died while fighting in the war with Russia.

Maksym Galinichev made the brave decision to join the Ukrainian military as a volunteer after the Russian invasion began in February 2022. Galinichev had achieved notable success in boxing, finishing second among boxers under the age of 22 in 2021. Despite this, he declined to fight in the European Championships that same year.

Tragically, Galinichev lost his life in the line of duty, leaving behind his three-year-old daughter, Vasilisa, as the sole survivor of his family. The news of his passing was met with an outpouring of grief and tributes from his fellow athletes and the wider boxing community.


Great Britain Boxing took to Twitter to express their sympathies, acknowledging the loss of a fellow athlete and the pain felt by Galinichev’s family during this difficult time. Olympic medalist Vladyslav Heraskevych praised Galinichev as a hero for sacrificing his life in defense of his country.

Galinichev was not the only athlete to lose his life in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Kickboxer Maksym Kagal, a member of the Azov battalion promoting extreme nationalism, was the first athlete to pass away in the war. Kagal lost his life in Mariupol in March 2022, where the Azov battalion had been participating in battles in southern Ukraine.

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Another boxer, Oleg Prudky, also lost his life in May 2022 while fighting for his country. Prudky had served in the special forces and was a two-time amateur champion. He was one of four members who lost their lives in the conflict.

The loss of these talented athletes serves as a sobering reminder of the human cost of war and the sacrifices made by those who choose to defend their country. Their legacy will live on as an inspiration to future generations of athletes and citizens alike.

Galinichev was an Olympic Gold Medalist

Galinichev’s boxing career had seen him win a gold medal at the 2017 European Youth Championships and a silver medal at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics. However, his focus had shifted to defending his country against Russian aggression, which had already cost billions in damage and tens of thousands of lives.

Maksym Galinichev represented his country in the under-56kg division of the Youth Olympics. He was highly regarded for his boxing skills and brought honor to his nation by winning a silver medal. Galinichev’s successful career saw him compete for his country in numerous competitions, earning him recognition and admiration from a large audience.

Maksym Galinichev Boxer

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is well known, and Galinichev’s untimely death in March 2022 was a tragic result of the ongoing war. Galinichev was a member of the Azov battalion, which promotes extreme nationalism and has participated in battles in southern Ukraine. His commitment to defending his country saw him hailed as a hero by fellow Olympian Vladyslav Heraskevych.

Galinichev’s achievements as a boxer were impressive. He competed in the 2017 and 2018 European Youth Championships, winning gold medals in both competitions. He also represented Ukraine at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, where he claimed the silver medal in the 56 kg division. Galinichev’s dedication to upholding the honor of his people and his country was unwavering.

The news of Galinichev’s passing was met with sadness by many, including Team GB Boxing, who expressed their sympathies and offered their support to Galinichev’s family during this difficult time.

Maksym Galinichev leaves behind his two years old daughter

Despite his young age, he already had his own family. Most importantly he has a little daughter named Vasilisa, who turned three in February 2023. sadly, he lost his life-fighting in the conflict in May 2022 for Ukraine’s 25th Sycheslav Airborne Brigade.

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The passing of Galinichev, along with his parents and family, leaves the entire country in ruins. People started paying tribute to the late fighter and sending their condolences to his parents as soon as the news of his passing spread on social media. The loss of their beloved son has left his father, mother, and other family members inconsolable. They are nevertheless proud since Maksym contributed to the country.
The names of Galinichev’s family are also unknown due to the lack of information available about them.



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