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Malawian Prophet nearly died after fasting for 40 days

A Malawian prophet in Chiradzulu identified as Ellason Zande nearly died after fasting for 40 days following “God’s instruction”.

The prophet who leads Nazareth Church of All Nations claimed in an interview with MIJ Online that he has been speaking with God since he was young and in February 2022 God instructed him to fast for 40 days.

During this time, he was living in his church where he was praying all but was not eating or drinking water.

“Halfway through the fasting I became very weak and thin. All signs were there that I was dying. However, every time I tried to give up God appeared to me and told me that I should continue because I needed to do it in order to perform miracles,” said Zande.

 He added that this was the second time he fasted for more than 20 days. The first time was in 2009 when God instructed him to go to a mountain and fast for 30 days without food and water.

“I started on 27 October but a few days later I got so weak I could not stand up. Then two men appeared from nowhere saying they had been sent by my father to give me food. I believe these men were angels because after I had eaten the food and drank the water they brought, the men as well as the plates they brought disappeared.

“After I had eaten, I continued to fast and pray until I completed the 30 days. During the fasting, God told me that he was giving me the power to heal people,” said Zande.

However, after returning home he got seriously ill as he became weaker and his feet got swollen. According to Zande, he could feel that he was at the brink of death but he got instant healing after crying to God.

Zande also revealed that in 2013 God instructed him to be living in his church and that is where he has been living since that time. According Zande, his ministry has grown since he fasted and he has been healing people with serious illness such as tumors. He also claims to have resurrected a girl who was declared dead.



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