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Malaysia: Sharia enforcers arrest seven men for wearing shorts

What fun the Sharia enforcers will have before too long in, say, the south of France.

“Report: Kelantan Islamic law enforcers haul up seven men for wearing shorts baring thighs,” by Keertan Ayamany, Malay Mail, March 22, 2023 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

KUALA LUMPUR, March 22 — Seven men who wore shorts exposing their thighs were hauled up by the Kelantan Islamic Religious Affairs Department (Jaheik) for not covering their “aurat” during a raid on a shop in Tanah Merah suspected of selling shisha last Friday.

Jaheik enforcement division deputy director Mohd Fadzuli Mohd Zain said the men whose ages were reported to range from their teens to their 20s were let off with warnings and ordered to attend a counselling session, news portal Malaysiakini reported last night.

“As a result of the operation, seven men who were wearing shorts and exposing their aurat were given warning notices under Section 23 and could be punished according to the Syariah Criminal Code (I) Enactment 2019, which carries a fine of up to RM1,000 or six months’ imprisonment,” Mohd Fadzuli was quoted as saying.

Covering the “aurat” is part of the Islamic modesty concept. For men, the areas of the body deemed a must to be covered are from the navel to the knees while women are compelled to cover every part of their bodies except for their hands and face….



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