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Malvern man Marcin Przechowski jailed for stealing guitar from homeless man

A MAN who stole a guitar out of the arms of a sleeping homeless man has been jailed.

Marcin Przechowski, of Pickersleigh Road, Malvern, appeared at Worcester Crown Court on Friday, (October 21), for sentencing.

The 38-year-old also admitted breaching a suspended jail sentence (12 months, suspended for 18 months) which was given to him for the production of cannabis.

Joshua Purser, prosecuting, said on April 17 this year Przechowski stole the Yamaha Dreadnought Guitar, valued at £150, from homeless man Phillip Linder.

Worcester News: THEFT: Marcin Przechowski walking away from the scene of the crime with the stolen guitar.  Picture: West Mercia PoliceTHEFT: Marcin Przechowski walking away from the scene of the crime with the stolen guitar. Picture: West Mercia Police (Image: West Mercia Police)

The victim, who had been sleeping outside Fragrance House perfume shop in the town at the time, woke up and the prosecutor said he was distressed after realizing his guitar he used for busking was missing.

Mr Purser explained Przechowski was later arrested after police identified him from CCTV.

Przechowski, who had 11 previous convictions, had pleaded not guilty to the offense at Worcester Magistrates Court but failed to turn up for his trial, where he was found guilty.

The prosecutor said: “An aggravating feature is the guitar’s value to Mr Linder, him being a man of not too many possessions.”

Judge Martin Jackson told Przechowski he adjourned the case last week to give time for him to get legal representation.

Przechowski told the judge he had approached four legal firms all saying it was not sufficient time to prepare to represent him.

Judge Martin Jackson rejects Przechowski’s apology saying he had shown no remorse

But the judge rejected this saying, if he adjourned again, Przechowski was only likely to appear unrepresented again at the next hearing.

Asked if he wanted to say anything Przechowski replied: “I would like to apologize to Mr Linder.

“There isn’t much in my defense.”

Przechowski added he had been suffering from health issues that meant he was no longer working, the judge handed a medical note from his doctor.

Sentencing Przechowski, Judge Jackson said the loss of the guitar would have had a “significant impact” on the victim who had been deprived of his ability to perform busking gigs.

Worcester News: COURT: Marcin Przechowski was jailed by a judge at Worcester Crown CourtCOURT: Marcin Przechowski was jailed by a judge at Worcester Crown Court

The judge said Przechowski had shown no remorse throughout the case, highlighting that previously Przechowski had even lied that he had left money for the victim in exchange for the guitar.

“You pleaded not guilty in circumstances when there was overwhelming evidence against you,” the judge said.

The judge added he had also noted it was Przechowski’s second breach of the suspended sentence, having previously committed an offense of criminal damage.

Telling him it was an “unpleasant” crime the judge jailed Przechowsk for a total of six months.

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In April Mr Linder told us: “I woke up at about half past 11 and the guitar had been taken.

“I’ve been going through a bit of a rough patch, and this has made me feel worse on top of that, but I try not to let things affect me too much.

“I’ve become quite well-known performing in the area, so I didn’t expect anyone would do something like that.”

Worcester News: GUITAR: Phillip Linder performing with his new guitarGUITAR: Phillip Linder performing with his new guitar (Image: West Mercia Police)

The incident provoked outrage from the community but police later managed to track down the guitar and return it to him.

In addition to his original guitar being restored Mr Linder was also given a new guitar, case and other accessories by Dennis Drumm after staff heard the story.

The stolen guitar was later auctioned at a special charity event at the Railway Inn, Malvern Link.



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