Man narrates how he almost slept with someone of same gender

A Nigerian man has shared a story recounting how he almost engaged in a sexual encounter with another man for the sum of N300,000.

In his narrative, the man described how he was approached by an individual who offered him a significant amount of money in exchange for engaging in a sexual act. Initially tempted by the financial gain, the man considered the offer.

Nigerian man narrates how he almost slept with someone of the same gender for N300k

However, he ultimately decided against it, realizing that the potential consequences and impact on his personal life outweighed the temporary financial benefit.

He wrote:

“There’s one story I always wanted to share… In this small Akwa Ibom, 2021 I was in dire need of money. E bin choke. I met my friend who was capable. Baba said I’ll have to knack him for 300k. He’ll gimme cash. He promised 15k for a massage, that’s for starters… The idea was scary at first. But when I went home. My LGBTKRQ mind analysed it. Till I saw almost nothing wrong with it. I know how I battled with the thoughts for days. After like 5 days, I told him I’ll do it. We fixed a date. A Monday.

On Sunday while in church my mind was racing. Omo I’ve never been in such a dilemma before. I told myself, nothing dey here, run am with CD(which he agreed), collect your money and go, nobody will know.

While heading back home on Monday from my father’s house, in the coach, I randomly opened my Bible app and I stumbled on a portion in Hebrews… Heb 12. I read it more than once. Throughout that day the verse was on my mind. Late in the afternoon, I was walking alone, someone asked me, in my head, “Bob are you worth N300k?” I paused and thought 🤔. No, I’m worth more than that I replied. The voice sked again, “so you go knack that manchi collect 300k, after the money finish nko? Mean say you go dey knack people collect money” That was when I realised that I was about doing runs boy with a touch of LGBTKRQ. OMO I carry phone tell my guy say I no dey do am again. He asked Why? I said I didn’t feel like it again. “what about the money?” I told him I didn’t want his money anymore. He got mad

Long story cut short. 3 people decided to sponsor me, one sent 100k 4 days afterwards. I sorted the issue smoothly. They are still sponsoring me as we speak and I’ve spent more than 300k that’s not my money since 2021. Then I asked myself what if I had knack my guy, naso I for turn LGBTKRQ pikin overnight and them for use me cos I’ll see money and become a slave to it.


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