Man rejects girlfriend’s pregnancy until he gets DNA

In a post shared by @nihinn, she alleged that a “Yahoo boy” has rejected the pregnancy of his girlfriend and is demanding a DNA test.

The girlfriend happens to be the daughter of @nihinn’s landlord, and they have been in a relationship for five years.

@nihinn expressed her frustration, questioning why men often refuse to take responsibility in such situations.

In her words:

“This Yahoo boy impregnated my landlord’s daughter, they’ve been dating for 5 years according to her and now he’s insisting on a DNA test after childbirth before accepting the child.

Why are men always refusing to take responsibilities?”

Various individuals reacted to ..., with some suggesting that men fear the responsibilities associated with fatherhood, while others supported the idea of conducting a DNA test to confirm paternity.

Reacting to ..., @Nujhajhne said: “They’re scared for nothing. men are always looking for ways of denying a pregnancy because they’re scared of taking responsibility of the child
when them dey fok, them no fear ooo smh”

@sharafa_basit said: “He’s not refusing to take responsibility for the pregnancy, he’s only trying not to be a victim.”

@thefolabii commented: “There’s nothing wrong with requesting to do DNA, you were not in the relationship with them. He probably noticed her infidelity in the 5 years of being together with your landlord’s daughter.
Women should stop having problems with DNA if there’s no skeleton in their cupboard”

@ccc_4our stated: “If he says he wants a DNA test, then let him get a DNA test. He might not be the father.”

@shingha said: “Maybe he just wants to make sure the baby is actually his before committing to a lifetime of responsibility. It’s called being responsible, not refusing responsibility.”

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