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Man reportedly runs mad after failing to repay money borrowed from loan app (Video)

Ahmed Isa, a human rights campaigner, described how a man developed mental illness as a result of not paying back the money he borrowed from a loan app.

The activist claimed that a guy had borrowed 56,000 naira from a well-known loan app and was repaying it in installments until he went bankrupt.

Due to his inability to pay, the loan sharks started harassing him for the money and then took the extreme step of sending slanderous messages to his contacts, accusing him of being a thief and fraudster.

The narrator, Mr. Ahmed Isa, disclosed that the message was also sent to the man’s prospective employer, since he had recently gone for a job interview.

And his father-in-law as well got similar message which made him block the man.

As a result, the man went mad with the loss of everything. The human rights activist warned people to desist from using these apps to borrow money.

Watch the video below:




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