Manchester United and Erik ten Hag make official decision with Jadon Sancho

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It’s been a bit of a circus few weeks for Manchester United, and things have yet to really slow down. Between the situations of Harry Maguire, Antony, and Jadon Sancho, Manchester United are one in one of the biggest spotlights in sports right now. As The Top Flight has covered extensively, Jadon Sancho had originally labelled himself as a scapegoat, and Erik ten Hag said his performance in training was subpar was also shot down by the star winger. Since then, things have been bleak, and relationships have yet to be amended despite new conversations between the player and coach.

With the international break coming to an end, Manchester United were expected to make a fresh decision with Jadon Sancho ahead of their match against Brighton and Hove Albion. On September 14th, Manchester United, via their website, made an official announcement on what will be next for Sancho at the club.

“Jadon Sancho will remain on a personal training programme away from the first-team group, pending resolution of a squad discipline issue”.

The squad discipline issue is likely referring to the social media post that was posted earlier by Sancho. As many will remember, last season, Jadon Sancho remained away from Manchester United due to personal reasons for about two months.

While it is easy to criticize Jadon Sancho for what has happened, it is also important to remember that there are only a few people who actually know the player’s situation and know what he is thinking. As fans, we are sometimes quick to label players “problems” as soon as they are facing discipline issues without actually knowing the full story.

Jadon Sancho has yet to show his true talent level at Old Trafford, and perhaps some of that is down to confidence that he has been unable to regain. Everyone knows what the English winger is capable of and maybe some time away from the club to sort things out may be just what he needs to return to the form he had at Borussia Dortmund.