“Many women are the reason why some men aren’t responsible Fathers” – Daddy Freeze lectures Kate Henshaw over her Father’s Day message

It is not their fault some of them are irresponsible Daddy Freeze schools Kate Henshaw over her fathers Day message Kemi Filani blog min


Media personality Daddy Freeze has reacted to actress, Kate Henshaw’s Father’s Day message.

Kemi Filani reported that Kate Henshaw had stirred backlash with her Father’s Day message. The fitness enthusiast, had shared a passage from the Bible, giving a shout-out to Fathers who are responsible to their kids. She prayed for God’s strength, favour and blessings on them.

Her message didn’t sit well with many who pointed out the double standard at which she wished all mothers Happy Mothers Day, but was only celebrating responsible Fathers and Kate Henshaw took time out to respond to her critics.

Weighing in, Daddy Freeze concurred with her that as a father one has to be responsible; however, he noted how there are good men out there who can’t afford to be responsible for financial, health or other reasons.

He also noted how some women are the reason why a man can’t be a responsible father as he stated that if such men are destroyed psychologically, emotionally and financially, there is no way they would be responsible.

“Kate is right; as a father you need to be responsible. However, there are good men out there who can’t afford to be responsible for financial, health or other reasons, so it’s not their fault. Many women are also the reason why some men are irresponsible. If you destroy a man psychologically, emotionally and financially, you can’t expect magic can you?? The scriptures quoted also cut both ways”.

Daddy Freeze knocks Kate Henshaw over Father's Day message

Last year, singer, Paul Okoye had sent a message to female celebrities who parade themselves as Fathers. He lamented over how they had spoilt the importance of Father’s Day, as he noted how mothers are constantly dragging Father’s Day with them. Paul stated that he is waiting for the day a man will post himself with a child on Mother’s Day and celebrate himself.

In other news, Daddy Freeze shared his insights on partnerships and marriages, revealing that a husband is not a woman’s partner, but rather the head of the house. He told women to stop seeing their husbands as partners and as their equals, but rather see them as head of the house.