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Mario Draghi announces that he will resign this Thursday evening



Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi, faced with the crumbling of his coalition, announced in the Council of Ministers that he would resign on Thursday evening, the government said.

“I want to announce that this evening I will submit my resignation to the President of the Republic” Sergio Mattarella, said Draghi, according to comments reported in a press release from his services.

This announcement came after the decision of the 5 Star Movement (M5S, antisystem), member of the ruling coalition, to boycott a vote of confidence in the Senate on Thursday afternoon.

“The majority of national unity that has supported this government since its creation no longer exists. The pact of trust on which the action of this government is based has disappeared,” he explained. The coalition supporting Draghi has so far brought together all the political forces represented in parliament, with the exception of the far-right Fratelli d’Italia party.



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