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Mario Kart Tour adds a new track on February 7th

Mario Kart Tour, the mobile version of the popular battle royale racing series, will get a new track called Piranha Plant Cove early next week. The announcement came via a post from the game Official Twitter pageA video showing the new track’s features also appeared on Nintendo Mobile’s Friday Official YouTube channel.

The track, which is being touted as new to not only the Mario Kart Tour, but to the Mario Kart series in general, is being launched as part of the game’s Discovery Tour, which is set to start on Tuesday, February 7, at 10 p.m. pacific time. Mario Kart Tour features a handful of original tracks and old classics from other entries in the series, but their original tracks have also made their way to the Switch as downloadable content for Mario Kart 8.


From the brief look the trailer provides, the new track will feature a variety of environments themed to explore the deep wilderness, including rickety stone ruins inhabited by thumps, deep forests filled with trees and giant mushrooms, and even underwater sections. It also depicts the famous racers wearing exploration gear, such as safari helmets and headlamps, and driving buggies shaped like mine carts or with megaphones adorning their grills.

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Another change on the way for the mobile title is the addition of a variety of new racing suits for the Mii’s customizable avatars. The game’s Twitter page on Friday posted a short video depicting the brown and white Mii of the 25th wave of racing suits, and the video also includes and an announcement that the 26th wave will arrive soon, between February 21 and 22 depending on where you are in the world. Pictured in the trailer, the shaded Wave 26 suit appears to sprout some kind of feathers from the top of its helmet.

Nintendo released the first mobile entry in its popular series in September 2019 and has made frequent updates to the title. While critical reviews were mixed, it reached a wide audience, being downloaded more than 90 million times in its first week of availability. Mario Kart Tour is currently free to play in both single and multiplayer modes on iOS and Android devices with in-game purchases available.

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