Mark Gurman suggests major redesign for Apple products in 2024

Apple iPhone 15 pro AM AH3

With Apple finally announcing the iPhone 15 series and completing its annual launch cycle, all eyes now turn to 2024. Although there were earlier speculations about Apple revealing the M3 series of Macs in late 2023, Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman now suggests that we can anticipate a range of new devices in 2024.

Apple Vision Pro will have the spotlight

Arguably the most anticipated Apple product of all time, the Apple Vision Pro has the potential to set industry trends for years to come. This is because if Vision Pro proves successful or performs as well as Apple’s demonstrations, it could signify a pivotal moment in the company’s quest to find the successor to the iPhone.

However, its success remains uncertain as there is currently no clear target consumer for the headset. Is it a computing device, or is it more akin to a home theatre setup? These questions can only be answered once the headset is released to the public. Additionally, the company faces significant production challenges, with its two micro-OLED displays manufactured by Sony and TSMC suffering from low yields.

Redesign throughout the products

Despite the recent release of the iPhone 15, there are already substantial rumors suggesting that Apple plans to make the next lineup even larger. Reports indicate that the iPhone 16 Pro could feature a 6.27-inch display, while the Pro Max version might offer an even more spacious 6.86-inch screen.

Furthermore, Gurman’s newsletter hints at a new Apple Watch Series X. This may include a significant redesign and incorporate new health-related features, such as blood pressure monitoring. Moreover, the 7th-generation iPad Pro is rumored to receive its first major redesign in years, and the new M3 series Macs could represent a significant leap forward in performance.

New foray in generative AI

While details about Apple’s efforts in generative AI remain scarce, there are reports that the company is conducting internal tests on its own AI chatbot. This move could not only position Apple in competition with Google and Microsoft but also enhance Siri, which has seen limited development in recent years.