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Marriage Ruined After N#des Of Cheating Wife Leak



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An adulterous Nkayi woman based in South Africa’s city of Johannesburg left her matrimonial home after her husband received n#des and WhatsApp chats that she was exchanging with her lover.

According to the source who refused to name the parties involved, the n#des were leaked to the husband by his best friend who had come to know about the affair.

The husband was in Zimbabwe, in his rural home of Nkayi, visiting family and relatives when the nudes were sent to him last Monday. The friend had gotten hold of the n#des and audios from his workmate, who was bonking the cheating wife.

In one of the audios, the woman is heard telling her lover that when they eventually move in together, the man will stop having s3x with her the way he is at moment.

“Baby all the fun you are having with me won’t last. You are enjoying me now because we are having stolen moments. When we move in together, when we start having s3x every day, you will lose the affection you have for me.

You will start cheating on me because you will have grown tired of me. I will remind you of this when we are staying together,” says the woman.

In another audio, the man showers praise on the woman’s vag!na after she sent him a picture. “You have a [email protected]; this is not a very impressive [email protected] I want it. When I look at your [email protected], I get an erect!on.

I will never stop telling you that I enjoy s3x with you. I am not saying this to please you, but because it’s true,” he is heard telling the woman.

The audios reveal that the woman would at times skip work to spend time with the boyfriend. After receiving the n#des and audios, the jilted husband called his wife and she had no words for him as she broke down in tears.

When he returned to South Africa, he found only his clothes and a few belongings. The couple’s marriage was blessed with three children who are in Nkayi.

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