Marvel confirms its new, superior Spider-Man series

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While fans are still active from seeing Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse This weekend, Marvel Comics was quick to announce a major development in the webslinger universe. In a quick tweet on Saturday, the publisher confirmed that fan-favorite Superior Spider-Man will be back. Marking the third volume to star in the character, Marvel has also confirmed that Eisner Award winner Dan Slott will return to write the new series, which arrives this fall. Although they added “more information coming soon,” it seems likely that we may not know more about the new Superior Spider-Man series until San Diego Comic-Con.

As readers will remember, the events of The Amazing Spider-Man #700 at the end of 2012 were a major moment for Marvel Comics. Otto Octavius ​​u200bu200baka Doc Ock, the longtime villain of Spider-Man, died. Obviously, Marvel characters have died before, but not like this, because Otto didn’t die truly death. The villain was able to immerse his mind with Spider-Man, transplanting it inside Peter Parker’s healthy body and placing Peter’s mind inside Otto’s dying body. After successfully achieving this, Otto found himself in a position to replace his opponent.

And the Superior Spider-Man was born. Forced to take on Peter’s private life, and combine it with his own ambitions, his desire to “get out” of the OG, Octavius ​​u200bu200bdeclared himself the best and donned the suit for over 30 issues. Naturally, the story ended with Peter taking over his body once again, with Otto choosing to sacrifice himself to save another. Through the machinations of the comic book, Octavius ​​u200bu200bmanages to return after placing a copy of his consciousness into the living brain’s robot body. Eventually though he transferred his mind into a version of Peter Parker’s body and reverted to the ways of the Superior Spider-Man.

A second Superior Spider-Man volume kicked off in 2019 with a bigger, galaxy-powered idea. Still inhabiting the cloned corpse of Peter, Otto finds himself targeted by a multi-planetary version of Norman Osborn. After making a deal with Mephisto, Otto is put into a version of his old body, reverting to classic Doc Ock look and feel. The Superior Spider-Man Vol. 2 until ending with Otto throwing in his classic Spidey Ala costume “Spider-Man No More!” cover.

How Marvel and Dan Slott will figure out how to get around this cliffhanger and bring the character back is a mystery, but given the bizarre ways he’s been brought back before, the sky’s really the limit.