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Marvel Needs to Cast Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine, Sandra Bullock Says



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Sandra Bullock thinks that Marvel should just get on with casting her The Lost City co-star Daniel Radcliffe as the new Wolverine. Speaking with It’s Gone Viral, Bullock and Radcliffe discussed fan-casting, with the actress wondering why Marvel Studios had not yet made Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe the MCU’s version of the X-Men fan-favorite.

Following the conclusion of Hugh Jackman’s much-celebrated legacy as Wolverine, which came to end in 2017 with Logan, fans have been wondering who will next wield the adamantium claws ever since. Harry Potter and Swiss Army Man star Daniel Radcliffe often makes many a fan-casting list alongside the likes of Tom Hardy, Jared Keeso, and, surely the perfect choice, Danny DeVito. While many also feel that making Radcliffe the new Wolverine would be tantamount to a criminal act, others believe that the actor has the look to pull off the role of Logan.

With The X-Men now under the Marvel and Disney umbrella, it is surely only a matter of time before the likes of Wolverine and the rest of the mutants share the screen with Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Thor, and the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes. But will it be Daniel Radcliffe who sports the yellow and blue spandex?

Well, despite Sandra Bullock’s insistence, the actor himself has responded to the rumors and suggestions in the past, calling them untrue and unlikely. “I have heard this. This is something that has come up every so often for the past few years, and every time it comes up, I’m like, ‘That’s not true. There’s nothing behind that,’” the actor explained. “And everyone’s like, ‘Oh, he said it might be true!’ I’m like, ‘No, I didn’t, I said the opposite of that!’ Every so often, I’ll get bored answering the question in a sensible way, so I’ll make a joke. Every time I make a joke, I’m like, ‘Why did you do that? That’s gonna set…’ So, the other day, I was like, ‘Prove me wrong, Marvel!’ And then that has ignited a whole thing.”

Putting any hopes and dreams of seeing Daniel Radcliffe as Wolverine to one side, the actor can currently be seen as a villain opposite Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum in the adventure comedy The Lost City.

Released by Paramount Pictures in the United States on March 25, The Lost City follows Sandra Bullock as Loretta Strange, a successful yet depressed best-selling romance novelist, and Channing Tatum as her nice-but-dim cover model, Alan Caprison. While on tour promoting her new book with Alan, Loretta is kidnapped by a ruthless, eccentric billionaire who hopes she can lead him to an ancient city’s lost treasure from her latest story. Determined to prove he can be a hero in real life and not just on the pages of her books, Alan sets off to rescue her.



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Why Did Lalo Kill Howard in Better Call Saul, Explained



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AMC’s ‘Better Call Saul’ is one of the rare spin-offs that is arguably better than the original series. Given that the original series, in this case, is something as culturally significant as ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Better Call Saul’ is an extraordinary television spectacle. In the mid-season finale of its finale season, the show delivers a devastating scene in which Howard Hamlin (Patrick Fabian), one of the main characters, is gunned down by Lalo Salamanca (Tony Dalton). If you are wondering what prompted Lalo to pull the trigger, here is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Why Did Lalo Kill Howard?

Howard is an old acquaintance of Jimmy/Saul (Bob Odenkirk) and Kim (Rhea Seehorn). At the start of the series, Jimmy hates Howard because he believes the latter fired him and isn’t paying his brother Chuck McGill what he is owed as a founding partner of the Hamlin, Hamlin, & McGill (HHM) law firm. Toward the end of the first season, Jimmy discovers that Chuck instructed Howard to force Jimmy out of the law firm.

Although their relationship initially improves after this, it ultimately reverts to antagonism in the sixth and final season of the show. Jimmy was the first to notice that the assisted-living facilities chain Sandpiper Crossing was overcharging their clients. However, the case was eventually taken away from him by HHM. In the final season, Jimmy and Kim work together to sabotage Howard. Kim has her share of bad history with Howard and basically takes charge of the scheme. It is executed flawlessly. Howard is humiliated and is forced to settle the Sandpiper lawsuit. He later shows up at Jimmy and Kim’s home and asks what he has done to them to deserve this. This is when Lalo appears, and the two worlds of Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman collide.

Image Credit: Greg Lewis/AMC/Sony Pictures Television

Jimmy knows Lalo because he got the cartel leader free from police custody. Since then, he has been justifiably terrified of Lalo Salamanca, especially because Mike Ehrmantraut, a perceived enemy of the Salamanca clan, helped him get Lalo out of prison. Until season 6 episode 7, titled ‘Plan and Execution,’ Jimmy was under the impression that Lalo was dead for good. Kim knew the truth but didn’t share it with her husband. However, even she didn’t think that Lalo would be able to show up like this. After all, Mike had told her that he would ensure her and Jimmy’s safety.

When Kim and her husband first decided to sabotage Howard, they concluded that it wouldn’t hurt Howard too much. Granted, he would suffer some setbacks professionally, but that wouldn’t be permanent. In his memorable monologue, Howard echoes this sentiment, asserting that he will land on his feet and be alright. And he likely would have if it weren’t for Lalo.

“He’s going to be okay because he has enough behind him to rebound,” Fabian said while reflecting on the last moments of his character in an interview with Variety. “But in terms of Kim and Jimmy, he’s just come over to announce, ‘Good one, but I’m in it for the long haul. And I will do everything I can and marshal my resources to make sure you pay.’ That’s a new Howard. That’s a vengeful Howard. If things weren’t cut short, it would be very interesting to see how this would all play out.”

screenshot 2022 05 24 125209

Ultimately, the only reason Lalo and Howard are in the same room that evening is because of Kim and Jimmy. So, while Lalo might have pulled the trigger, Kim and Jimmy can definitely be blamed for Howard’s death. Lalo doesn’t need Howard there, so the former kills the latter to make a point to his erstwhile lawyer and his wife.

Executive producer Thomas Schnauz revealed that they wrote Howard’s death scene about two years before its airing. “We wrote these episodes two years ago, so I can’t pinpoint exactly when, but at some point, it just felt like something horrible had to happen as a result of the scam,” he told the same news outlet. “It couldn’t just go perfectly for Jimmy and Kim. Maybe they’re going to be found out or somebody’s going to see or the police are going to find out … and the more we thought about the two worlds colliding, we knew that Lalo doing something very bad to Howard Hamlin just felt almost inevitable.”

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How Did Camp Scott Murders Suspect Gene Leroy “Sonny” Hart Die?



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One night in June 1977, what was supposed to be a fun camping trip for a Girl Scout group turned deadly when three young girls turned up dead. Hulu’s four-part docuseries ‘Keeper of the Ashes: The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders’ delves into the enduring tale of this challenging case and the person who remained the prime suspect despite an acquittal, Gene Leroy “Sonny” Hart. So, if you’re curious to find out what happened to him, we’ve got you covered.

Who Was Gene Leroy “Sonny” Hart?

On June 12, 1977, a group of Girl Scouts headed out to Camp Scott in Locust Grove, Oklahoma, for a two-week summer camp. An exciting first night for the 140 scouts turned into a terrifying ordeal the following morning with the discovery of three dead bodies. 8-year-old Lori Lee Farmer, 9-year-old Michele Guse, and 10-year-old Doris Milner were assigned to sleep in tent 8 of the Kiowa Unit.

Image Credit: KOCO 5 News/YouTube

At around 1:30 am on June 13, Carla Sue Wilhite, a camp counselor, heard moaning sounds and checked it out. While it was close to tent 8, she didn’t see anything out of the ordinary and went back to her tent. About an hour and a half later, a girl in another unit heard a scream, and another from a different unit thought she heard Lori scream for her mother. At around 6 am, Carla found three sleeping bags laid out about 150 yards from tent 8, and she made the gruesome discovery.

Lori, Michele, and Denise were murdered. While Lori and Michelle died of blunt force trauma, Denise was strangled to death in addition to a blow to her head. It was then confirmed that the girls were sexually molested. At the crime scene, the authorities found a roll of duct tape that was used on the girls and a flashlight. A newspaper was jammed into the flashlight to keep the batteries from rattling, and the light itself was covered with masking tape.

Once the authorities looked into parolees and outpatients with a history of such crimes, they were led to Gene Leroy “Sonny” Hart; his mother lived close to the campsite. Quickly, Sonny floated right to the top of the suspect list. A Cherokee Indian raised by his mother; he was seen as a talented football player while in high school before losing his way to crime. In June 1966, Sonny kidnapped two pregnant women from the parking lot of a nightclub in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Sonny eventually confessed to the kidnap in addition to raping and sodomizing the women and was sentenced to three concurrent 10-year terms. However, he was released on parole after only 28 months. Then, Sonny began burglarizing homes and was arrested on his fourth such burglary. Given that he was on parole, the court sentenced him to about 350 years behind bars. In 1973, Sonny was transferred to a county jail in Pryor, Oklahoma, and he escaped from there, remaining at large until after the Girl Scout murders.

A few days after the three girls were killed, hunters came across a cave about three miles from the campsite. It seemed like someone lived inside, leading to a call to the police. The authorities found a newspaper that was of the exact date and edition as the one found at the crime scene. Then, a pair of sunglasses were identified as the ones a camp counselor had lost. Furthermore, photographs of two women were located, and it seemed that Sonny developed them during his time at a reformatory.

However, catching Sonny was more difficult than anticipated. There was a note written on the wall of the cave that said, “The killer was here. Bye bye fools.” Not just that, Sonny’s loved ones believed he was innocent and helped keep him away from the police. He was ultimately arrested in April 1978 with the help of an informant. Sonny was found at a shack in Cookson Hills, Oklahoma.

How Did Gene Leroy “Sonny” Hart Die?

The authorities had seminal fluid as evidence, but this was in the pre-DNA era, and Sonny had already undergone a vasectomy by then, meaning he could not have produced sperm. So, the prosecution claimed that the procedure was not entirely successful. Furthermore, Sonny’s blood type matched the semen sample, but in the end, the evidence wasn’t conclusive enough. The defense reiterated the same and pointed to other potential suspects. In March 1979, Sonny was found not guilty of the murders but was sent back to prison to serve his burglary sentence.

gene 5
Image Credit: News On 6/KOTV/YouTube

On June 4, 1979, he died of a heart attack due to blocked coronary arteries at the age of 34. At the time of his death, Sonny was at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary at McAlester, Pittsburg County. There was speculation about his death, with a notion that inmates poisoned him doing the rounds. In May 2022, results of DNA testing carried out a few years prior using new techniques were made public. They showed that Sonny was the only suspect who could not be ruled out as the contributor to the semen stain found on a pillowcase inside Michele’s sleeping bag.

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