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Mastercard partners with Indonesian crypto gateway to boost adoption



Mastercard partners with Indonesian crypto gateway to boost adoption

Navin Jain, an executive at Mastercard Indonesia, said Mastercard will support Fasset’s efforts to drive financial inclusion in the country.

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Globally renowned financial services firm Mastercard has partnered with crypto gateway provider Fasset to co-develop digital solutions that could boost adoption in Indonesia. The partnership aims to expand financial inclusion in the country and expand opportunities for the local economy.

In an announcement, Navin Jain, the country manager of Mastercard Indonesia, said Fasset’s efforts to promote financial inclusion in the country will be supported. According to Jain, the partnership will help locals gain greater access to digital technologies.

Hendra Suryakusuma, an executive at Fasset, said there are as many as 92 million people without bank accounts in Indonesia. According to Suryakusuma, this gap will be bridged by Fasset and Mastercard to provide better access to digital financial services.

Our partnership aims to lower the barriers to digital finance. We want to create more opportunities to take advantage of the use of emerging financial services.

Says Suryakusuma

Apart from this, the executive also believes that crypto adoption in countries like Indonesia will also have a significant impact on the wider crypto ecosystem. He stressed that it will serve as a reference for other countries to pursue progress.

In June, Mastercard expanded its network for nonfungible token (NFT) markets. The payment processing company partnered with NFT marketplaces to allow its cardholders to purchase NFTs directly with their cards. As a result, the intermediate step to buy crypto first has been cancelled.



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