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Matt Damon opens up about his feud with Jimmy Kimmel

It appears like Matt Damon has no plans to end his ‘feud’ with Jimmy Kimmel. Moreover, he can’t help but throw shade at the latter. He went on to ignite the issue once again at a recent event.

Here is everything you need to know.

Matt Damon reignites his years-long feud with Jimmy Kimmel

Matt Damon broke his silence over his tongue-in-cheek ‘feud’ with Jimmy Kimmel during an interview with ET’s Kevin Frazier. 

Moreover, Damon discussed his acrimonious rivalry with the late-night talk show host on the red carpet of his new film titled, Air. The event took place at the Regency Village Theatre in West Hollywood.

In addition, Damon lambasted Kimmel when the interviewer asked him whether he would bury the hatchet between him and Kimmel.

He responded by saying, ‘No, no, he’s an a**hole. Why would I ever do that?’

Additionally, he continued, ‘He’s a terrible human being. He’s a demonstrably bad man.’

Damon then went ahead to callback at Kimmel when he caught sight of him a few behind him on the red carpet.

He yelled, ‘Hey! I’d love to take a picture with you but we ran out of time!’

For the unversed, Damon was mocking Kimmel’s running joke where he apologizes to the 52-year-old actor for running out of time at the end of the episode.

Jimmy Kimmel responds to Matt Damon’s remarks

Jimmy Kimmel later approached the media outlet and casually took to opportunity to take a playful jab at Matt Damon.

He simply said,  ‘I don’t know who he is, but I do know that I heard him. He made noise.’

Besides that, Kimmel denied the notion when he was asked whether Damon might get his special episode.

He mentioned, ‘I simply cannot picture it happening. I simply cannot. Ben Affleck will likely be on tomorrow, so that will be as close as we can get.’

Why are Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel in a ‘feud’?

Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon have been pretending to hate each other since 2006 when the former launched a running gag about Damon.

Kimmel began apologizing to the 52-year-old actor for running out of time at the end of each episode of his late-night show called Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Damon on the other hand featured in a spoof video with Kimmel’s girlfriend at the time, Sarah Silverman in 2008. The music video was called I’m F***ing Matt Damon.


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