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Matt Damon Speaks Out on Jimmy Kimmel Feud, Labeling Him a ‘Demonstrably Bad Man

Things appear to have gotten out of hand between actor Matt Damon and comedian Jimmy Kimmel, as the two can’t seem to resist the desire to toss conceal at each other. The issue has lighted partially where it’s been labelled as uncivilized behaviour between the two. Amidst the occasion. The disagreeable “battle” between Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon heightens. Even on the red carpet, the two find it difficult to maintain excellent relationships. The “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host walked the carpet a couple of speeds behind Damon, while the “Jason Bourne” actor heckled him. Hello! I’d very much want to take a photo with you but we used up all available time!

He shouted to Kimmel, referring to the television character’s continuous gag wherein he apologizes to Damon toward the end of each and every episode for using up all available time to talk with him. Jimmy Kimmel then told the outlet, You know, I don’t have the foggiest idea who that was, however, I heard him. He was clearly loud. When inquired as to whether the pair should seriously consider reconciling, he answered, I can’t envision it working out. I truly can’t. I think we have Ben [Affleck] on tomorrow, so that’s what we’ll have, however, that will be as close as we get. Matt and Jimmy’s phoney feud began in 2006, when Jimmy Kimmel, 55, casually joked that he’d bumped Matt Damon, 52, from an instalment of his talk show.

Jason Bourne Actor M att Damon Breaks His Silence On The Jimmy Kimmel Feud, Calling Him A Demonstrably Bad Man

The feud between Actor Matt Damon and Talk Show Host Jimmy Kimmel persists. Even on a red carpet, the duo struggles to keep things civil. On Monday, Matt Damon attended the premiere of his new movie titled, Air, at the Regency Village Theatre in West Hollywood, and spoke with ET’s Kevin Frazier about his long-standing (allegedly) bitter rivalry with the late-night talk show presenter Jimmy. When asked if he’d ever ponder burying the hatchet and merely moving on, Damon exclaimed, No, no, he’s an a**hole. Why would I ever do that? Damon emphasised that he is a horrible human being. He’s a horrible person. He’s a clearly bad man. Damon used the chance to poke fun at Jimmy Kimmel, who has consistently acted like to be annoyed by his longtime friend. Hey! I’d love to snap a picture with you, but we didn’t have enough time!

Matt Damon yelled at Jimmy Kimmel, mocking an ongoing gag on Jimmy Kimmel Live in which Kimmel says sorry to Damon at the end of each programme for running out of time and being unable to have him on. When Kimmel appeared on ET, he simply stated, I’m not sure who that was, but yeah, I heard him. He was very vocal. Despite Damon’s rejection, Kimmel claims Damon was the cocaine bear at this year’s Oscars. Did he imply he wasn’t bear, Kimmel wondered? He was the beast. And completely high on cocaine, the comic joked. When asked if they would ever reconcile on his show – or even have an episode dedicated entirely to Damon – Kimmel dismissed the notion, saying, I just can’t imagine it happening. I really can’t. I believe we’ll have Ben [Affleck] on tomorrow, but that’ll be the closest we’ll get. Meanwhile, Damon and Affleck’s latest film, Air, will be released in theatres and on Prime Video on April 5.



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