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McCarthy Promises New Congress Will Emphasize Accountability On Biden White House

Republicans will utilize the Oversight Committee in the upcoming term to “hold people accountable” in the Biden administration, according to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. The California Republican emphasized the significance of securing the southern border, preserving energy independence, and holding the White House accountable.

In reference to the House Oversight Committee, McCarthy said, “We’re going to name it oversight and accountability, and it’s precisely what the responsibility is intended to do.” McCarthy also noted that Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., will serve as its chairman.

McCarthy promised to make President Joe Biden’s cabinet officials “come in” and answer for their deeds and urged viewers to think about the absence of oversight action in the current Democratic-controlled Congress.


“Members of the cabinet were never brought in. They never talked about all the money that was wasted and spent on COVID and other projects. None of the government agencies have been held accountable by them, “GOP leader gave an explanation. This will therefore be really novel.

We should act as a check and balance on what is happening, and we will do just that, he said. We’re not Democrats, so it’s not retaliation.

McCarthy claimed that Republicans would take action to rein on spending during the next administration. He especially included reducing waste in the National Defense Authorization Act, improving military support, and stopping the growth of the Internal Revenue Service.

No blank checks, I’ve said, and they lambasted me for that well before the election, McCarthy said. “We are talking about hard-working taxpayers’ money. We will examine every single dollar we spend to ensure that it is moving in the proper direction.”

He said, “We’re going to repeal 87,000 new IRS agents on the very first day, and we’re just getting started.”


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