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MCU Series Rumor Teases Marvel's Take On DC's Most Problematic Movie Storyline

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The rumor surrounding Billy’s resurrection in “Agatha: Darkhold Diaries” is interesting, as, if true, Marvel Studios seems to be walking a fine line regarding consent. No one wants another “Wonder Woman 1984” situation, and while fans suspected Joe Locke was playing Wiccan, many thought he’d be an aged-up version of Julian Hilliard’s character from “WandaVision.” 

Thankfully, it may calm some fans’ nerves knowing that Billy’s rumored MCU resurrection draws from his comic book counterpart’s origins with a slight spin. In Marvel Comics, much like in “WandaVision, Wanda and Vision had twin children, William and Thomas Maximoff, who Mephisto revealed to be magical constructs, erasing their existence by absorbing their energies. However, their souls go back in time, reincarnating Wanda’s children into Billy Kaplan and Thomas Shepherd, twin boys born to separate families. Both eventually develop powers, becoming the heroes Wiccan and Speed, respectively. 

With the rumor in mind, it would mean Marvel Studios is leaning into the comic book origins for Wiccan and Speed but placing their souls into recently-deceased teenagers rather than unborn babies. It’s a slight change, but it would give Marvel Studios older versions of the characters instead of waiting for them to grow up, allowing them to participate in whatever future fights the studio is planning, whether that’s a “Young Avengers” project or either of the upcoming “Avengers” movies.