MDB officially nominates Simone Tebet as presidential candidate

Photo: Disclosure / MDB

During the consultation held today in the national executive of the Ministry of Nature Protection. The acronym officially announced the candidacy of Senator Simone Tebet (MS) to challenge the Presidency of the Republic with the PSDB և Cidadania.

Yesterday, as we showed, Former governor Joao Doria has resigned from his post at Planato Palace. The gesture was considered essential for the formation of an alliance between the three parties.. Citizenship has not yet officially expressed its support for Tebet. The PSDB will meet early next month to discuss the issue.

“We guarantee it [que Tebet sairá candidata]»– PSDB President Balea Rossi emphasized. “More than 90% of ADB openly supports our candidate.”added the IDB President.

“I think it is very important that the IDB can have its candidacy. The MDB should be able to share what it’s advocates in the economic, political and social programs of Brazilian society. We have a history, that history must be shown. “added former Senator Romero Huca (RR).

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