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Meaning of ‘glazing’ on TikTok defined as slang takes over

Find out the true which means of ‘glazing’ on TikTok as one different slang time interval takes over the social media app.

Strange new phrases and phrases pop up on TikTok every single day and it’s not doable to keep up up with what all of them indicate.

In 2023, the app has its private vocabulary of weird and wacky Gen-Z phrases that require a quick Google search to understand.

‘Glazing’ is definitely one of them. Read on to look out out what it means…

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Meaning of ‘glazing’ on TikTok

‘Glazing’ is the strategy of over-hyping and over-complimenting any individual to the aim the place it’s really annoying and cringy.

It’s identical to being a ‘kiss-ass’ or a ‘suck-up’ and is one factor everyone on has come all through in some unspecified time sooner or later of their life.

Urban Dictionary says it’s when you’re “sucking up to someone” and it’s moreover sometimes recognized as ‘meatriding’ or ‘d*ckriding”.


????????????????????????FOLLOW YOUTUBE: SHOWOUT DJ ❤️ #showoutdj#viral

♬ original sound – Showout DJ ????????????

Know Your Meme explains that the time interval first surfaced on Discord in late 2021 and have turn into increasingly more distinguished on Twitch.

The phrase went viral when it started being utilized by large Twitch streamers like Kai Cenat, Duke Dennis, xQc and Adian Ross.

Then, it is going to undoubtedly made its technique onto TikTok and has since flip right into a eternal of quite a bit of people’s vocabulary in 2023.

This comes as a result of the TikTok slang 304 has moreover been difficult everyone this week.



♬ original sound – Princess????

10 TikTok slang it’s worthwhile to know

Now you perceive what ‘glazing’ means, listed below are some further viral TikTok slang phrases to be taught:

  1. Heather – the gorgeous and trendy woman
  2. Simp – an individual who will do one thing for a woman
  3. Bussin – means one factor is mainly good
  4. Cheugy – off-trend and outdated
  5. Sneaky hyperlink – any individual you’re hooking up with in secret
  6. Fruity – any individual inside the LGBTQ+ neighborhood
  7. Abow – one different technique of claiming ‘wow’
  8. Sheesh – when you’re shocked or impressed at one factor
  9. Tea – the gossip or drama
  10. Ratio – when a submit has further suggestions than likes



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