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Meet TikTok Viral Peach Bowl Girl: Ohio State Fan Revealed

A girl from Ohio is going viral on TikTok as the Peach Bowl Girl after someone shared her video from a football game. Well, the girl caught everyone’s attention when the camera stopped for a few seconds during the football game to capture her. While after that her video went viral and everyone has been talking about her now.

Read ahead to know more about Peach Bowl Girl going viral after her video was shared on TikTok.

Peach Bowl Girl goes viral on TikTok

TikTok finds plenty of videos on the platform that goes viral in no time. While it can be anything to go viral. The recent video that went viral was of a girl who is going popular after someone shared her video from a football game on TikTok.

@haydenshepppard I’m sending this to Santa so he knows what I want for Chr… ah damn… #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #ohiostate #peachbowl ♬ original sound – Hayden Sheppard

The viral girl is trending on TikTok as the Peach Bowl Girl. It was a football semifinal match of college between Georgia and the Buckeyes. Where the viral girl had come to support the Buckeyes team.

However, the camera showing the supporters on the big screen suddenly stopped for a few seconds on the viral girl who caught the eyesight of one who later shared her video on TikTok and wanted everyone to find her.

Who is the viral Peach Bowl Girl on TikTok?

The video of the viral Peach Bowl Girl was shared by a user @haydshepppard. While in the caption of the video, it was as “Someone find me this girl from Ohio state…for the love of God”. However, later it came out that the viral Peach Bowl Girl was 19-year-old Catherine Gurd.

All those who knew her mentioned that she was Catherine Gurd. While some even said her TikTok ID is @catherinegurd1. What she went viral for was her charming look with her beautiful face and blue eyes. Catherine is a freshman lacrosse player from Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio. She is doing her studies in Biochemical Sciences.

Peach Bowl Girl reacts to getting viral on TikTok

The viral Peach Bowl Girl Catherine Gurd even reacted to viral fame on TikTok by sharing a video of her. While its subtext read “When you kick off 2023 with a new name”. She came up with another video of her where she wrote “POV your 3 seconds on tv makes you go viral”.


odd turn of events…

♬ original sound – hard ahh audios fr🤞

Catherine had an Instagram account with 35k followers on it. However, after she went viral as the viral Peach Bowl Girl, her followers on social media have been growing. Meanwhile, everyone who has come across her viral video from the football game is appreciating her for her beauty and blue eyes.

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