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Meet UDA politician who defeated rival by 1 vote



Richard Itambo breathed a sigh of relief after winning a Member of County Assembly (MCA) seat in Kwale County after beating his closest rival by just one vote.

Itambo – who was vying for a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party card – got 1,547 votes, while his rival, Raphael Bavu, who was the incumbent party, got 1,546 votes.

The 36-year-old attributed his win to the work his campaign team did to popularize his candidacy.

An image of Kingango MCA elect Richard Itambo at a past event.


Richard Itambo

Itambo revealed that he championed the youth agenda during the campaigns, making him the most favorable candidate of the 16 contestants vying for the seat.

The newly elected MCA revealed that he was thrilled with his win after battling for the seat twice.

“In 2013, the difference between my competitor and me was more than 300 votes. In 2017 I closed the gap to 57 votes.

“We won this election with just one vote. I consider it a magical vote. It just shows you that every vote matters. I feel like a hero because if you win by 500 votes, it shows that the race was easy.” Itambo said.

In addition, the father of two thanked his wife for the support in his political career despite the challenges he has faced over the past 10 years.

For her part, Itambo’s wife, Cynthia, noted that they held prayer meetings on Fridays, giving them the opportunity to interact with other local residents.

“This time I had faith in my husband because we campaigned more. In addition, on Friday we had prayer meetings with intercessors. I am glad that our prayer and fasting were not in vain,” she said.

After his victory, Itambo joins politicians who have ousted their competitors by very narrow margins.

In May, during the UDA party primaries, Jayne Kihara, elected MP from Naivasha, defeated John Kihagi by one vote after petitioning the UDA Election Council to conduct a vote recount.

Kihara was chosen to represent the residents of Naivasha in the polls just concluded.

Naivasha MP Jayne Kihara gives an address.

Naivasha MP Jayne Kihara gives an address.

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