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Mehgan James Apologizes To Yung Joc After ‘One-Hit’ Career Comment, He Says People Shading Him ‘Ain’t Nothing New’

Mehgan James has apologized to Yung Joc after doubling down on a ‘one-hit career’ comment she made to him.

The It’s Going Down rapper appeared on a recent episode of James’ podcast, The Hollywood Groupchat. During their talk, the reality TV star asked Joc how he managed to sustain a career for 20 years with one hit song. He responded, “well, I got more than one hit; I got hit records,” and she replied, “ooh, tell me about ’em.” 

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Her line of questioning, coupled with his surprised and insulted reaction, brought online backlash to Mehgan’s social profiles. After several posts defending herself, James finally apologized on Wednesday (March 23) evening. She shared her apology with a teaser clip of the podcast episode.

“First of all, I wanna apologize to @joclive, my intentions were not to disrespect you during my podcast interview. I was honestly interested in [your] journey & how you have been able to stay relevant throughout the years,” Mehgan wrote.

Funny Marco Responds After Mehgan James Names Him In Comparison Tweet

The interview clip made its rounds after The Hollywood Groupchat and Mehgan shared it to their respective social media accounts. In response to the initial backlash, Mehgan tweeted a comparison between her and comedian Funny Marco’s style of questioning guests.

“Iono why everybody panties in a bunch. Y’all do not be mad a funny Marco. I guess it’s bc he a comedian and I be serious?”

In another tweet, she spoke about comedians getting away with being “disrespectful.”

Following her tweets, Funny Marco reposted The Shade Room’s post of Mehgan’s initial name drop to his Insta-Story. He wrote, “why she say my name,” referencing James. The former Bad Girls Club participant took a screenshot of Marco’s post and responded on her Instagram Story.

“Bc you was in the comments talkin bout they shoulda let you interview him,” Mehgan wrote.

In another Insta-Story post, she shared a screenshot of Marco’s comment, which said, “let me talk to him. it’s only one way to do it.” Mehgan wrote, “this you? Right? Ok. Lol” on the screenshot post.

On Twitter, Funny Marco sent Mehgan positivity while explaining that he doesn’t like to dump on people.

“I will never speak down on nobody I do my best to keep my name clean I hope the best for her wish nothing but positivity for her show,” he wrote.


Yung Joc Reacts To Mehgan James’ Question In Exclusive Video

Before Mehgan apologized, Yung Joc reacted to the viral backlash in an exclusive video provided to The Shade Room’s Brianne D. He revealed that the interview with James was a last-minute situation and that her question had him saying, “damn.”

“Shawty hit me so below the belt, I was like, damn…I ain’t even come here to interview withcho a** today. You know what I mean. I really came to see somebody else and they asked me right there. Soon as she hit me with the first question, I wanted to be like girl stop playing with me, but then I said you know what? Nah. Break it down for you, know what I’m saying. I just commenced to answer the question, but I don’t even feel no shade by it. People been shading me. This ain’t nothing new. It’s just y’all got a chance to see it from somebody y’all may not be as familiar with. So it’s like…who, the nerve. I said the same thing.”

Yung Joc also commented on Mehgan’s comparison to Funny Marco.

“I see she compared herself to Funny Marco. You know Funny Marco that’s my broddy, he got a different approach to how he do. It’s a science to it, not saying she ain’t got no science to hers.”

Joc also vowed that he’s not doing any additional podcast interviews unless he’s locked in with the hosts.

Yung Joc has not publicly responded to Mehgan’s apology. But, if you need a refresher, The Shade Room dropped a lil’ reminder of Joc’s Grammy-nominated impact on the 2000s.




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