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Meta tests account switcher between Facebook and Instagram

Meta has announced new features that will make it easier for people on Facebook and Instagram to access, create, and navigate between multiple accounts and profiles. The new features include a new profile-switching interface and new account registration and login flows.

New profile-switching interface

Meta new profile switching interface

If Facebook and Instagram are added to the same Accounts Center, users will be able to easily switch between them. Furthermore, users can now view both their Facebook and Instagram profiles in one location, all thanks to the new profile-switching interface

Also, notifications for each profile will be shown in a convenient place, making it easier to keep up with what’s going on Facebook and Instagram.

New account registration and login flows

Meta new account registration

Next up, the new account registration and login flow should enable people to more easily log in and create new accounts across Facebook and Instagram.

New users of Facebook or Instagram can register for an account and then sign up for additional accounts using that account. And as long as both accounts are in the same Accounts Center, users who have accounts with both Facebook and Instagram can now easily access the other app using their login information from one.

Meta new login flow

People will also be notified when a new account is created with their existing account and when an account is added to their Accounts Center. People can now control which profiles appear in the profile-switching experience and which accounts can log into each other using these new features.

Meta is currently testing this new experience globally on iOS and Android. We can expect a wider rollout soon.



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