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Metallica 2023-2024 M72 Tour: Tickets, Price, Dates, and Where to buy?

Metallica, the popular band has announced its 2023 M72 Stadium tour and music lovers are excited about it. Well, we have already got plenty of fests and tours announced for the new year 2023. However, if you are still waiting for more. Then here we have an announcement about Metallica 2023 M72 Stadium tour.

Read ahead to know more about Metallica 2023 M72 Stadium tour and all its latest updates.

Metallica 2023 M72 Stadium tour dates announced

The famous band Metallica is going to surprise you all in 2023. As they have announced their M72 Stadium tour coming up. Though you may be having your 2023 already planned for some more fests and tours to enjoy. Yet, we bet you shouldn’t miss the 2023 M72 Stadium tour of Metallica.

The dates for the tour is already announced. As you’ll get Metallica in their M72 Stadium tour to perform from 27th April 2023 till the end of the tour on 29th September 2024. Yes, the M72 tour is going to last till 2024. While we tell you a lot more about the 2023-24 M72 Stadium tour here.

What’s going to be special about Metallica 2023-24 M72 Stadium tour?

As we get Metallica to perform from 2023 to 2024 with their M72 Stadium tour. The band is planning to perform in 12 cities. With each city having a band to perform on two nights. But guess what? The specialty of this M72 Stadium tour is that no two nights are going to be the same in any way.

Further, we will have Metallica perform through cities of the US to Canada. As they will be performing in Amsterdam, Paris, Hamburg, Gothenburg, East Rutherford, Montreal, Airlington, Inglewood, Glendale, Detroit, Munich, and more.

Tickets details for Metallica 2023-24 M72 Stadium tour

In case, you want to enjoy the Metallica 2023-24 M72 Stadium tour. Then you’ll have to grab your tickets for the same. As such, you’ll find the two-day tickets for the Metallica M72 Stadium tour to go on sale on 2nd December 2022. The tickets would be available on the Ticketmaster website and vividseats.

If you wish to buy single day tickets for the M72 Stadium tour of Metallica. Then you can buy it from 20th January 2023. Meanwhile, for more details about the tickets and the tour Metallica visit the official website of the band.

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