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Mika Paris urges BRIT Awards to bring back gender-based categories after all-male shortlist | music | entertainment

After the decision to cancel the Best Female Artist and Best Artist awards and merge the categories, none of the five shortlisted nominees were women. Prominent music agent and Isle of Wight Festival president John Giddings described the move as “ridiculous” and a “crazy flop”.

Giddings, who represents some of the biggest names in the industry including Madonna and Beyoncé, said it was the result of British presidents trying to be “awake” – but they “blew it”.

And now legendary British singer Mika Paris has fallen in line saying the Best Female category should be brought back.

The favorites in this coming Saturday’s home run are Stormzy, Harry Styles, George Ezra, Fred again, and Central Cee.

In 2021, the Brits announced that they would be abolishing the men’s and women’s categories to celebrate artists “just for their music”.

Giddings said: “I think it’s tragic for the company, and I think it’s tragic for women.

“I suppose they tried to be awake and fit, and it completely backfired on them, it’s ridiculous. It’s a crazy failure.”

“Depending on the demand for tickets to the tours, for Madonna and Beyoncé, women should be taking every prize.

“I look at my list and it’s Suzanne Vega, The Corrs, Alison Moyet — there are thousands of amazing women out there.

Next year they will have to correct the balance. I don’t know how they’re going to do it but they have to do something.”

MBE singer and actress Mika Paris, who signed her first record deal at the age of 18, says Britain’s bosses need to make amends and resolve the situation.

“Britain is the leading power in music around the world. We need to celebrate all these great women.

“The contribution British females have made to music is so powerful, what is all this about?

This is what happens when they try to please public opinion.

“But logic will tell you, you should have categories for each gender, that makes perfect sense, or put another category in it.

“I say I make one category for everyone, but don’t bring up another,” said Mika, 53, speaking at the Nordoff Robins Legends Rugby Dinner.

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