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Mike Love Revealed Why The Beach Boys Wrote ‘Little Saint Nick’

The Beach Boys‘ “Little Saint Nick” is one of the most famous Christmas songs by a classic rock band. Mike Love said it sounds similar to one of The Beach Boys’ other hits. In addition, he said “Little Saint Nick” wasn’t as good as its B-side.

The Beach Boys | Michael Ochs Archives / Stringer

How The Beach Boys felt about transitioning from surf music to Christmas songs

During a 2022 interview with The Times, Love was asked if The Beach Boys had their arms twisted to record their first Christmas album, as they were more about sun and surf. “No, it wasn’t much arm-twisting because a lot of The Beach Boys’ singing originally was at Christmas parties,” Love recalled. “My mom had an organ and a harp in the living room — I have two sisters who play harp. And we would get together for Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays and it was always about music. 



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