Minecraft Star Dream Deletes Face Reveal Video Puts Mask Back Amid Backlash

YouTuber Dream is going to put his mask back on and it’s all due to the hatred he has been getting post his face reveal. It was in 2022 that Dream revealed his face to all. However, he received a lot of hate for that. But it seems like Dream wants to get back to how he was earlier. As he decided to put his mask back on his face.

Read ahead to know more about YouTuber Dream to put his mask back on after hate on social media.

A little about YouTuber Dream

There have been so many content creators on the internet and each one of them has their own popularity and uniqueness. Dream has been one such content creator popular on social media especially YouTube for his Minecraft content.

Dream too is a content creator who rose to fame on YouTube. But he initially had his face covered with a mask for all. Despite being popular until late 2022, fans of Dream didn’t know how he looked. However, last year he had a face reveal too for all but it seems that didn’t go well.

Dream’s face reveal and the reaction to it

For long fans of Dream wanted to see his face. As such in October 2022 he came up with a video to show his face to all. However, the face reveal of Dream certainly didn’t go as expected.

After the face reveal of YouTuber Dream. Some of the netizens went on to call him ugly. In fact, the word ugly even started trending on social media as a hashtag. But months after his face reveal and the hatred Dream received, the YouTuber has decided something.

YouTuber Dream decides to put his mask back on

Surely, the reaction of people to the face reveal of Dream wasn’t an expected thing YouTuber would have thought of. But Dream has now decided of doing something about the hatred he has got post the face reveals. He uploaded a video recently on YouTube that was titled “bye, from Dream”.

Dream decides to delete his posts showing his face from social media. While he will also be now wearing his mask again. The decision of Dream has shocked his fans a lot. Although, no one knows if Dream will actually be doing what he has decided or not. Fans however have been waiting to see what happens next.

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