Missing: Regina’s 5th Homicide Victim Anne Found Dead Confirms Regina Police, Who Is She?

A 63-year-old woman from Regina was reported missing a week ago and days later the dead body of the woman was found near the other area. The police have caught a suspect and said that the suspect was somehow involved in the case. This is the fifth case of missing persons from Regina that is being booked this year. The 63-year-old woman who was found dead is the fifth homicide case that occurred in Regina starting in the early month of this year. Police have confirmed that the woman who died is the subject of the missing person’s case listings. The case details were revealed by the police themselves and the suspect was taken into consideration. Let us know in detail about the missing and then death case. The 63 years old woman who went missing and then was found dead was Anne Marie Zaremba. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Regina’s 5th Homicide Victim Anne Found Dead

Regina’s 5th Homicide Victim Anne Found Dead

Anne was reported missing after there was no contact with her for four long days. Anne was identified as the fifth homicide case, and she was reported dead by her family on the 13th of June 2022. After investigating for days the police finally found the woman but she was dead. The body of Anne was found at the 1300th block of Oxford Bay, and it was found on the 17th of June, Friday. Anne was found inside a building on the 1300th block. The police stated all the information related to the missing case of Anne and then the finding her in the building at a press meet and media release.

What Happened To Anne?

The police stated that the investigations are still on and that they will still carry on until the final truth is out. Accordingly, the police also said that a 75-year-old man was taken into charge as he was charged with a second-degree murder charge and was held captive in the homicide investigations. Police are suspecting that the man has something to do with the missing and the death reports. As of now, there are five cases that are booked and are said to be missing cases from Regina. The police are working on finding out about the person’s whereabouts and until further investigations are completed the police said that they will release the information regarding the case after they find something reasonable and the truth.

Who Is The Suspect?

The police stated that the missing person, i.e: Anne was found dead on Friday nearly before 2 pm and there was no one around. They are investigating the rea thoroughly and until now there is no lead. But, as the man is held captive they are working on both sides. The family of Anne was informed about her death and also the missing complaint was filed after they did not receive any callback or response from Anne for straight four days. The person who was taken into charge is Hubick and he made his first appearance in provincial court on Monday. As of now, there is no information about the case, maybe the police will inform about the case later.



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