Modern Ways To Bring Something Borrowed To Your Wedding Day Style

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When it comes to your wedding gown, there are some creative ways to incorporate “something borrowed.” Of course, the traditional route is to wear the same gown your mother or grandmother wore on her wedding day — if it’s still in good condition.

However, you can also integrate their dress in a completely different way by changing the look, or (with their approval) by taking a small part of the gown and sewing it into yours. Wedded Wonderland suggests cutting a small piece of fabric from the pre-worn gown of a special woman in your life and using it for the lining of your dress. 

If you don’t have a generational or sentimental wedding dress to use, borrowing someone else’s gown is equally recommended. Today describes the practice as “wedding poaching,” in which full bridal gowns are either borrowed by friends or rented online. After all, it’s a garment you’re (probably) only going to wear once. The New York Post even told the story of a bride who lent her wedding dress to several friends, in typical “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” fashion — or, in this case, Sisterhood of the Traveling Wedding Gown. According to the outlet, the poaching trend is on the rise to both save money and bring friends closer together.

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