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Monster Energy mourns an icon Pat Casey

USA – The action sports world is saddened by the passing of a young BMX star. Monster Energy is very sad to learn of the passing of Pat Casey, a BMX pioneer who won multiple X Games medals. The 29-year-old died in a freestyle motorcycle accident at a private training facility in Ramona, Calif., on June 6, 2023. Monster Energy wants Pat Casey’s family and friends to know how sorry he is for their loss. Monster Energy CMO Dan McHugh said, “We have lost one of the most innovative and talented racers in action sports history. “Pat Casey was not only important to his sport, but he was also a loved and dedicated member of our Monster family, and we are heartbroken.

“He was also a wonderful, loving husband and father,” McHugh said. “His wife, Chase, and their two beautiful children, Reid and Taytum, have our love. “After hearing of Casey’s sad death, sports, businesses and media around the world paid their respects. “Pat was not only a very talented and successful BMX rider, but he was also a wonderful person, husband and father who will be sorely missed by us all,” BMX Freedom magazine wrote. Pat Casey is from Yorba Linda, California and learned to ride a bike when he was five years old. He became famous as a BMX star because he was good at it and his father helped him. He turned professional at the age of 16. By then he had not only learned most of the tougher BMX tricks, but he had also started to put his own spin on the way of riding which made the sport better. As a trick creator, Casey has pushed the boundaries with tricks like the Fakie Cash Roll and the Double-Decade Backflip, which he did in competition for the very first time.

Casey’s BMX-enthusiast dad taught him how to make ramps, which helped him realize his dream of creating his own training center in his backyard: the legendary Dreamyard. In 2013, the facility began as a simple on-ramp in Riverside, California. Since then it has grown into a full-scale park and dirt course with over 10,000 feet of terrain. Over the years, the Dreamyard has hosted the world’s top athletes and served as the setting for a four-part video series starring Casey that has been viewed over 1.3 million times. In 2021, when there were limits due to a pandemic, Casey opened up his Dreamyard to action sports and hosted the BMX portion of the X Games there. Casey fulfilled his dreams by winning his first X Games gold medal in BMX Dirt on his home turf. In the end, he won a gold medal, three silver medals and a bronze medal at the X Games.

Casey is a family man who taught his kids Reid and Taytum the BMX lifestyle. He was also known for being kind enough to let younger players use his Dreamyard facility to improve their skills and grow under his guidance. Casey and his Monster Energy teammate Axell Hodges made Moto X 110 on pit bikes an official medal event at the X Games. Casey participated in this event.

Tributes on social media show how Casey has changed many people’s lives for the better. Under the hashtag #patcaseyforever, riders and BMX enthusiasts shared their memories of him. “Pat gave the world the Dreamyard by making it what it is today. Andy Buckworth, Casey’s partner, wrote on Instagram about Casey’s desire to see what could be done on a BMX bike “In every way you were the perfect role model…you made being a father so great…Action sports personality and podcast host Luke “The Goofy” Trembath said on Instagram that he was a pioneer in many ways and that he was a very brilliant person.” The world gives us the best gifts, which give us joy, life, love, power, commitment, a direction and a way of being. Pat Casey was wonderful. “Pat’s drive to improve in BMX was unmatched, and he loved and cared just as much for his family,” said BMX great Jamie Bestwick.