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Montana Millz Net Worth – The Financial Status Of A Rapper

Montana Millz Net Worth

Montana Millz net worth has reached an astonishing height, making fans curious about his financial status.

Michael Persaud, also known as Montana Millz, is a rapper and entrepreneur originally from the Bronx, New York. He had a difficult childhood and turned to a life of crime to make a living.

However, at the age of 12, he discovered his passion for rapping and began performing in various hip-hop shows.

Montana Millz is a rising rap artist making waves with his unmatched flow, impactful lyrics, and captivating stage presence.

Blending elements of traditional hip-hop with modern trap influences, he’s quickly emerging as one of the most thrilling and promising young talents in the rap game.

Millz’s life took a positive turn when he started working with Mike Lewis.

Lewis recognized Millz’s talent after receiving one of his rap samples, and their collaboration helped propel the rapper from an amateur to a record-selling artist.

This partnership played a significant role in Millz’s breakthrough in the music industry. It also had a huge impact on Montana Millz’s net worth.

Let’s now discuss how Montana paved his way to a successful career, marital life, the controversies surrounding his arrest, and its effect on his financial status.

Married life & family

Montana Millz and Justine Persaud have been married for nearly a decade. They have been together since 2003, and their relationship has endured many challenges, including Millz’s time spent in prison.

The couple shares seven children, four of whom are their own and three from previous relationships. In July 2023, they are expecting their newest addition to the family.

Montana arrested for trafficking, fentanyl, and heroin

Michael Persaud, known by his stage name “Montana Millz,” was sentenced to 36 months in federal prison for trafficking heroin and fentanyl.

The sentencing took place in U.S. District Court in Providence, Rhode Island.

Persaud, a rapper from Johnston, Rhode Island, also faced sentencing in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, where he was convicted on multiple drug trafficking charges related to his activities in that state.

According to the information presented to the court, Persaud was involved in the distribution of heroin and fentanyl over a 4 ½ month period, during which an undercover detective made several purchases from him.

The recommended sentence under the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines was 78 months, but Persaud received a shorter sentence of 36 months.

Persaud utilized other individuals, including his girlfriend and the mother of three of his children, to assist in delivering the drugs. A search of a residence associated with Persaud led to the discovery of 44 grams of fentanyl.

The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorneys Ly T. Chin and Ronald R. Gendron.

Montana Millz net worth

As of now, Montana Millz net worth is estimated to be around $50,000. He accumulated this wealth through album sales, sneaker business, and performances.

While his wife, Justine Persaud, has a slightly lower net worth, she is also involved in business ventures and benefits from sponsorships and appearances on the TV show “Life After Lockup.”

The couple’s combined efforts and growing popularity have allowed them to capitalize on their fame and generate income from various sources.

In addition to his music career, Millz is also an entrepreneur. He runs his own sneaker business under the brand name “All Hail Millz.” His sneakers, such as the BlackGray and Orange Shoes, WhiteGray and Orange Shoes, and BlackGold and Orange Shoes, have gained popularity among fans and customers.

As a rapper, Millz gained popularity with tracks like “Sell Drugz” and “Federal Authorities Watching.”

He has released four albums so far: “The Sacred Habanero,” “Have Faith in Millz,” “Bars in Prison,” and his most recent album, “All Hail Millz.”

Millz has even released a limited edition sneaker called “Tarantula.” His sneaker business has been a success, contributing significantly to Montana Millz’s net worth.