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Moon Knight Director Discusses Show’s Place in MCU Timeline

The first episode of Disney+ original series Moon Knight, which is set in the MCU’s shared continuity, was released with a massively positive reception. Fans seemingly love Oscar Isaac’s troubled and mysterious yet intriguing take on the cult vigilante. The show also introduced Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow, who already lets the audience know of his evil and corrupt nature. However, at least for now, there is no telling where precisely in the vast timeline Moon Knight is taking place. It’s not just the audience — director Mohamed Diab, who also serves as the executive producer, has no idea of the show’s place in the timeline.

While talking to Hector Navarro of Nerdist, Mohamed Diab revealed how he feels about Moon Knight as mostly an independent entry in the MCU, with no certainty on the show’s actual spot in the timeline. Upon being asked about his take on Moon Knight’s place in the continuity, the director replied:

Mohamed Diab, however, confirmed that the studio earlier had planned for some direct easter eggs and references to the other MCU projects that could have further made a connection between the show and other existing stories in the continuity. Diab said:

The director further urged the audience to understand Moon Knight’s place and significance in the continuity on their own and help the character set its own grounds in the vast cinematic universe of superheroes.

The 32nd entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which now includes direct tie-ins from Disney+ originals) is a part of Phase Four of the franchise, and the MCU has gone into telling stories that are currently taking place in a time after the Avengers reversed the Blip in 2023. The only film in Phase Four set before Endgame is Black Widow, which also sets up Hawkeye in ...-credits sequence. Though the director or Feige has not confirmed the exact time spot for Moon Knight in the franchise, a reference seen in the trailers suggests that the show is definitely set after Endgame and could be taking place somewhere around the events of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

In the trailers, fans spotted a GRC ad on a bus, in front of which stands Moon Knight, fully suited in his mystical suit. The GRC, Global Repatriation Council, is an organization featured in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, whose bureaucratic ideas to reset the political landscape in the world led Flag Smashers to wage an all-out war on politics. The ad could either mean that Moon Knight is sandwiched between Endgame and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier; or is taking place after the latter, wherein the GRC has changed its agenda and work ethics on the suggestion of the new Captain America.

The show has earlier said to tease other Marvel characters in the coming episodes. And even if Mohamed Diab has removed the easter eggs and references from the show’s final cut, there can’t be any denying the fact that the show will factor in the coming films and television productions from Marvel Studios. In the interview, Diab confirmed that they had:

Diab has earlier said he wishes to see Moon Knight in the MCU in the next decade and Feige has confirmed the character’s involvement in the future. Moon Knight still has five more episodes to go, and they could deepen the show’s connection to the franchise as they move in weird directions it has teased. But given the kind of story it is promising within its first episode, we can expect the best even if, as Diab said, the show stands tall alone.



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