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Morgantown mourns officer Zane Breakiron killed in car accident

MORGANTOWN, WEST VIRGINIA – Officer Zane Breakiron is remembered and honored by members of the community in Morgantown and beyond. Sadly, Breakiron was killed in a car crash early on a Saturday morning. He had worked with the police for nearly seven years. Breakiron mentee Brittany Sharps couldn’t believe her mother’s devastating news. “Hey, Zane, uh, Officer Breakiron had an accident. He suffered an unfortunate event. When Sharps first mentioned this, he was greeted with “no, it’s ridiculous that it didn’t happen, what are you talking about?” answer. She broke down in tears upon seeing the news for herself. Sharps met Breakiron on a trip while studying public safety at MTEC. The experience strengthened his resolve to pursue a career in law enforcement like his own.

The first words he spoke to me when we met were: “Hi, how are you? The man never stopped smiling. He was never the irascible type. You could never get angry or furious in his presence. She went on to say that he was perpetually cheerful. Sharps mentioned that Breakiron’s passion for helping people was one of the things that impressed him the most about him. She intends to use his teachings and never forget the kindness he showed to everyone he met. You can have an effect on anyone if you have the mindset that you can talk to anyone. “Being open to talking to anyone about anything doesn’t have to feel big and scary all the time,” she said. Sharps plans to return to Morgantown once she graduates from college and the academy to give back to the town she calls home.