Most 14-year-olds In My Generation Were Already S#xually Active — Singer, Seun Kuti

Nigerian Afrobeat musician, Seun Kuti has asserted that most 14-year-olds in his generation are s3xually active.

In the wake of the leaked tape of a 10-year-old pupil sleeping with her classmates in a room, Seun Kuti bemoaned how everything in Nigeria is centered around s3x.

Seun said children are faced daily inundated with s3xual images and all the songs the media feeds them and everything is hyper s3xualised.

According to him, explicit tapes of their media created role models everywhere coupled with the internet and he urged the society to start s3x education early instead of forming saint.

Seun Kuti added that he is not surprised the age at which young girls and women engage in intimacy has dropped because they were already doing it or planning to do it.

Reacting to his commentary, most social media users shared in his thoughts. See some reactions below;

leaddyskincare wrote; ‘Whether you were sexually active at 14 or below,The point is the parents need to do a better job with training their wards!!! We are in the era of schools shouldn’t scold or beat kids anymore A smart phone is a No no for a child below 16. Come for me,I don’t care..’

damilola wrote; ‘Yup. The only difference between the past generation and this is that there was no camera nor social media then. Going forward, we need to do better, else, the age for sexual immorality might drop beyond 10.

attractionvarieties wrote; ‘It still boils down to good parenting you can tell me otherwise, all those things you just mentioned na from bush e start?? They all started from home 🏡 allllllll before you blame school or society blame home bye! Awon woke parents will come and talk tr’ash here now, 1, 2, 3 go lol 😂’

iambayo wrote; ‘Social Media is the cause of all these…Skit makers is always about Bumbum and sex, So called Female Influencers always half naked and seductive on all Social media platforms😢…These kids has phones now they can surf through the internet and can see everything…Pls m not blaming parenting…..WE ALL FAILED COS NOW SEX IS MAJOR TOPIC ON THE INTERNET.

officialemmyandex wrote; ‘Na who dem catch bi thief…. Everyone is guilty of this act. If only God can play our record to show while we were all growing up.😂😂

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