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Movies That Famous People Walked Out Of

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Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer detective books made him one of the best-selling novelists of the 20th century (via The Guardian). Fellow scribe Max Allan Collins wrote for The Los Angeles Times that “without [Spillane] and Mike Hammer, there wouldn’t be Dirty Harry, James Bond or even Frank Miller’s ‘Sin City.’ Mickey changed the tough hero forever with his potent mix of sex and violence, and he opened previously forbidden doors that all of popular fiction soon moved through.”

When it came to big screen adaptations of his work, Spillane had no issue spilling the beans on his opinion of them. His first novel, 1947’s “I, The Jury,” was turned into a 3-D film six years later, and he confessed to Redbook that he was so disappointed and humiliated by it that he blew off the premiere mid-screening. As he explained, “Hollywood doesn’t know how to tell a story. The minstrels, the troubadours, used to tell their story and then pass the hat. Hollywood is lucky; they pass the hat first.”

That didn’t prevent Spillane from continuing to turn out whodunnits, nor did Hollywood stop adapting them. In 1963, Spillane even played Mike Hammer in the movie “The Girl Hunters.” Still, he never got over his disdain for Hollywood, telling The Los Angeles Times, “they listen to their own trade papers, but they don’t listen to the people in the Middle West, or any place else.”



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