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MPMD exposes Liver King to taking steroids

Liver King is busted by MPMD for using steroids after emails were leaked online showing the amount of PEDs consumption.

Here is everything you need to know.

Liver King steroids email controversy explained 

The YouTube channel More Plates More Dates (MPMD) recently shared a video exposing the lie behind the physique of the Liver King.

For the unversed, the page is run by Derek who titled the aforementioned video, ‘The Liver King Lie.’

In the video, the YouTuber has shared some significant evidence to prove that the Liver King is not as natural as he claims to be.

As the video proceeds, the content creator went on to share an alleged email exchange between the Liver King and a body coach.

Meanwhile, the email shows the Liver King whose real name is Brian Johnson confessing that he is consuming steroids. Moreover, the exchange suggests that the jacked social media sensation was using $12,000 worth of pharmaceutical HGH every month. It consisted of three injections per day.

The one-hour-long expose further reveals some of the used by the Liver King. It includes IGF, CJC, Decca, Omnitrope, Winstrol, and Test Cyp.

Besides that, the Liver King has gained popularity on the internet after he started sharing videos of his holistic life in which he consumed raw meat. 

Furthermore, he also promoted certain products on his social media behind the pretense that these supplements helped him to get a ripped frame.

Regardless, rumors have already been swirling around for quite a time suggesting that the Liver King is getting some sort of boost to maintain his muscular body. 

Netizens react to Liver King using steroids

Many fans of Liver King expressed their shock over MPMD’s recent expose. However, many users shared no surprise over the revelation.

A user wrote, ‘Not one athlete is shocked that the liver king is on steroids.’

Someone else chimed in saying, ‘Feeling hurt and betrayed that liver king was lying to us. Who would’ve thought that a narcissist whose livelihood depends on looking good would ever take steroids.’

Moreover, a different user shared, ‘Just found out Liverking may have done steroids. Utterly Shocking could have never predicted this.’

Meanwhile, a number of netizens criticized the Liver King for the nine ancestral ways that he claims to live by. Subsequently, others expressed their disbelief over the popularity that the Liver King has garnered on social media.


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