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MrBeast teases video created in the frosty desert of Antarctica

The popular YouTube content creator MrBeast has recently teased a video set in Antarctica. That has made all his fans super excited about the same. Over time MrBeast has gained immense popularity to become the top YouTuber in the world. His contents are always keenly awaited by his fans. But when is the new Antarctica video of MrBeast coming?

Read ahead to know more about MrBeast teases new video set in Antarctica.

MrBeast and his massive fan following on YouTube

With numerous YouTubers in the world. We get only a few of them to be making their way to the top. Well, MrBeast or Jimmy Donaldson is one of those top YouTubers. Who is popular for his content among all.

He began his YouTube journey at the young age of 13. Ever since then he has been growing popular. His videos on YouTube are mainly of stunts, gaming-related, and so on. In fact, over time he has become so popular on YouTube that he has reached 115 followers on YouTube. Meanwhile, he has also turned into a businessman which makes him earn a lot with even ad sales.

MrBeast teases a video set in Antarctica

With MrBeast fans always waiting for his videos to watch on YouTube. We recently got to see him teasing yet another video. That’s making all curious as it is somewhere set in Antarctica. Yes, MrBeast on 5th November tweeted “I spent the last week in Antarctica without signal, what did I miss?”.

The tweet of the YouTuber has made all excited to know what could be special with the video in Antarctica of MrBeast. Meanwhile, no one has clue either about why and what was MrBeast doing in Antarctica. Yet, they would get to know about the same sometime soon.

When is Antarctica video of MrBeast to come out?

Well, surely, for now, MrBeast has just teased that he was in Antarctica. But he didn’t disclose the reason for him being there. Hence, it isn’t known when his video of Antarctica would come out. Nor does anyone have any hint about the content of MrBeast in that video.

Thus, we will have to wait to see what surprise comes up with MrBeast’s Antarctica video. That is likely to come out in a few weeks probably. But that can be confirmed only by him.

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