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Museveni’s Son Gen Muhoozi deactivates twitter account, Social Media Reacts – Face of Malawi



Museveni Son

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) was the first to celebrate, saying that Twitter had saved Ugandans from the “irritating, awful, treasonous tweets that were risking lives.”

Nile Post however was able to establish that for suspended accounts on the popular microblogging site, the flag “Account Suspended” always shows, which was not on Muhoozi’s account indicating that he either deleted it himself or someone with access to the account deactivated it.

Order from “above”

A section of Ugandans believes that the account might have been deleted due to an order from “above” due to what they called his recent “reckless” tweets.

The UPDF commander had for at least three years now, become regularly active on Twitter with some of his tweets coming off as ‘reckless’ in the eyes of opinion leaders and a section of Ugandans online.

Muhoozi often times could make tweets about Uganda’s position on diplomatic issuers, the most recent one being the Russian invasion of Ukraine. He would also touch on regional affairs and the army.

Journalist Mordecai Muriisa thinks that someone slightly above him in the hierarchy might have suggested that he deactivate his account.

Muhoozi is seeking attention

To some, the deactivation is simply meant to attract attention and make Muhoozi widely discussed in the media. One James Kakeeto said that he expects the first son to come back on his darling social media platform soon.

“It is what I suspect, that (Muhoozi) likes attention. He is now watching people talk about it and is rejoicing. He will reactivate it soon and his supporters will then praise him as having been “triumphant,” Kakeeto said.

One Walusimbi also shared the same sentiments. He said that it is likely a “ploy” to trend on Twitter ahead of his 48th  birthday celebrations.

“We are likely to see hashtags like #WelcomeBackMK #MKWinsTwitter and the likes being brandished by the praise team,” Walusimbi said.

At the time the account was suspended, Muhoozi had announced a mega birthday celebration as he marks 48 years later this month.

We shall still support him

Young entrepreneur and CEO of Jada Coffee Jackie Arinda said that she will join other Ugandans to support Muhoozi, whether his account is reinstated on Twitter or not.

“We shall keep supporting you, keep up the good work,” Arinda noted.

The Twitter policy on account deactivations recommends that users must have to reactivate their accounts within a time frame of 30 days or else the account gets permanently deleted.

It remains to be seen if Muhoozi will reactivate his before the 30 days ultimatum.




Seer1 Asks Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema To Be A Dictator




Controversial Nigerian man of God Andrew Ejimadu alias Seer1 has asked Zambian president Hakainde Hichilema to show some dictatorial leadership if he is to succeed in making the country better.

Writing on his verified Facebook page, Seer1 said most of successful president is somehow a dictator.

“Every successful president is somehow a dictator. You have to create an environment that suits your vision,” he said.

According to Seer1, the judiciary in Zambia has proven that it is not sharing the same vision with Hichilema hence a need for him to be hard on them.

Giving an example of Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame, Seer1 told Hichilema to throw away his gloves and unleash a little bit of dictatorship.

“Just like Paul Kagame of Rwanda, it’s time for you to throw away your gloves and unleash a little bit of dictatorship, believe me, the youths will understand,”

He added that there is no way Hichilema can work successfully with people who were appointed by his predecessor Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

According to him, their loyalty is with Lungu and not him as a result they will do anything frustrate his visions.

“You cannot expect someone employed or appointed by Lungu to be loyal to you. It’s a lie,” he said.

Some Zambians agreed with him saying Hichilema as to wake up from his slumber and act adding that it is clear that Lungu’s Patriotic System is more powerful than him.

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Crocodile killed in Zambia after attacking a man




Department of National Parks and Wildlife officers have gunned down a crocodile which attacked and killed Richard Sesheka of Chikolekole fishing camp in Zambia.

Mr Sesheka, 67, was attacked and killed by the crocodile last week.

The crocodile was shot Friday morning in Chikolekole fishing camp.


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