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[Music] I Will Sing – Sandra McCracken

Sandra McCracken is gearing up to release new music with first new single ‘I Will Sing’. Written with singer-songwriter Leslie Jordan, this song is based on the poetry of Psalm 89. ‘I Will Sing’ went through many revisions as the artists were crafting it, reflecting the pattern of the refrain of God’s goodness which is not always distinct or obvious at first, but becomes clearer as one keeps singing about it.

Sandra McCracken shares her hopes for this release to get stuck in heads and hearts alike, “I hope it will help people give voice to praise in all seasons,” she says.

i will sing

The Nashville-based singer-songwriter stamps ‘I Will Sing’ with her signature warm Americana and unmistakable vocals, and through and through, Sandra McCracken reveals that she is a musician by craft, trade, and gifting, but ultimately, she is a storyteller at heart.

‘I Will Sing’ highlights the seasoned artist’s ability to translate age-old Psalms into present-day poetry and timeless melodies. Recorded live in Laity Lodge, the new single is adorned with a beautiful underlying rhythm held by a double bass and stripped back drums as well as the resonance of a grand piano infusing jazz tones into the tune. ‘I Will Sing’ is marked by thankfulness for the Lord’s faithfulness, giving the Church a new authentic folky song to praise and worship God.




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